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What We Do

Minds In Motion is a unique occupational therapy practice that emphasizes the importance of regulation.  We believe that sensory and emotional regulation are a driving force of participation and highly influence behavior at home and in the community. We also recognize the research behind how these areas affect learning, talking, and socializing with peers. We are here to help you uncover WHY your child might be struggling to complete/participate in daily activities and to empower you, as their caregiver,  with tools to help them. Our mission is to help kiddos feel confident to be masters of their sensory and emotional needs to promote happiness and independence in all areas of life.

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Located in Towne Center, Virginia Beach, we offer occupational therapy sessions in a space that is designed to naturally build motor skills, support communication and aid in sensory modulation. Parents are always welcome in session to learn more about how to best support their child's development in day-to-day life. 

Parent Consultations

We know it can be stressful raising a child facing developmental difficulties. That is why we offer support through parent consults and coaching to teach you how to help your child work through their challenges and build on their strengths. We are passionate about educating you on the 'why?' and 'how?' so you understand and have the tools necessary to support your child's growth and development. We are here for you! 

Telehealth & Virtual Services

We offer coaching and support through quality, interactive online therapy sessions. Telehealth has proven to be a sufficient modality to provide treatment, offering greater flexibility to meet a family's individual needs while also providing privacy for you to communicate with your child's therapist in a virtual setting. We offer caretaker support to prepare and structure telehealth sessions to make most of the virtual time! 


Wondering if your child could benefit from pediatric occupational therapy? Call or email us today and set up a free 15-minute phone consultation to answer any questions you may have and determine if our services are a good fit for your child and family. 



We moved to the area when our daughter was in 5th grade, and after 7 years of various Occupational Therapy, we finally found the best fit with Jiselle. Not only is Jiselle extremely well-versed in the various sensory activities that our daughter needed to help with regulation, but she also integrated social skills with the therapy in a way we had never experienced before. She always collaborated with our daughter to set goals and develop lists of activities that catered to our daughter’s interests. After 3.5 years of in-person OT, we had to shift to virtual due to the pandemic. Jiselle made this transition easy and helped our daughter be even more independent as they interacted on video calls. Jiselle’s approach in the virtual environment really helped with functioning and routines around the house. We highly recommend Jiselle, and she is very open to customizing her approach to meet the needs of any family.

- E.N.



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