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Boy Playing with Abacus

Comprehensive Evaluations

Getting Started

We will complete a comprehensive and holistic evaluation of your child’s development to determine whether treatment is necessary. The therapist will use standardized assessments, clinical observations, and parent intake to guide the treatment plan process. Goals are established in collaboration with family members to best meet the functional needs of the child and family.


Occupational Therapy Sessions

Greenspan Floortime Approach

Occupational therapy sessions are individualized, play-based, and driven by your child's motivations to create a warm and fun environment. They entail following your child's lead to harness motivation, and challenging them to build new skills by being active thinkers/participants. Therapy prioritizes sensory regulation, interaction, and emotional regulation, the foundational building blocks for learning, communication, and adapting to the environment. 

Child smiling at school

Lively Learners

School Program

Are you worried about your child's school performance? We offer a fun, 12-week program to target foundational skills, boost your child's confidence and enhance school performance. 

This program targets: 

  • Self-regulation

  • Prewriting and handwriting skills

  • Following directions and paying attention 

  • Sensory processing skills in the classroom

  • Social and emotional skills necessary to work through transitions, sharing, connecting with friends, etc. 

We are also happy to connect with your child's school team to create a plan that supports them in making the most progress possible. 


Choosey Foodie 

Feeding Program

Do you have a picky eater? Are mealtimes a struggle? We can help! Our 12-week feeding program prioritizes emotional regulation related to food to help improve behaviors and mealtime struggles.  

This program targets: 

  • Building more logical connections to food 

  • Sensory processing skills 

  • Oral motor skills necessary to chew and manage food 

  • Motor skills necessary for sitting at the table and using utensils 

  • Regulation tools to stay seated at the table 


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